Hey everyone!!

Sorry I havent been as active lately, I have no excuse really except for Ive just needed some time for a mental break. At times, running this blog can be very overwhelming for my mental health (purely due to the pressure I put on myself) but I do try my best to reply to everybody, post everyones submissions and spend time lookin’ around on the internet and through magazines for new content to post.

I’m slowly getting around to all the submissions and e-mails you guys have sent through, so I will get to them all by the end of this month. I appreciate the support I get from you all, every like and follow still means a lot. Reading messages about how you’ve found the perfect gift for your loved ones through my blog always makes my day and I love when creators reach out to say thank you or that I’ve helped their store boost sales by posting their work. I don’t expect any of it, but I appreciate it all

I especially love seeing your businesses become successful! 

Thank you all for sticking around and for your support, it means a lot.

Lil Alien x

Take care of yourself Little Alien. We love you and your blog xox