Hi everyone!

Tumblr is going to be rolling out new guidelines, preventing any adult content from being posted on the site. This means any submissions with explicit imagery, even pictures of models in lingerie, won’t be able to be published to my blog. 

I have had a few of my posts flagged by tumblr for explicit content that don’t really show much at all, so it’s best to not risk it but you can still submit your products if they contain nsfw content. 

If your artwork or item has nudity, or explicit references, edit an emoji over it, blur it, censor it somehow and you’ll still be able to have your submission posted. If you are selling lingerie or underwear, it’s best to use images of the clothing itself rather than having the model wear them for the sake of tumblrs new guidelines.

Any previous submissions of the like will eventually be flagged/taken down by tumblr!

Thank you!