So I found a site that does a subscription box for your period- it sends you basics like hygiene products, pain medication as well as snacks and pampering stuff to make you feel good, 

but the best thing is they have a specialty boxes, like vegan or kosher only snacks but also 


they specifically offer boxes for menstruating guys and nb folks. 

which is pretty darn cool.

it’s called bonjourjolie and I think it’s 1000% awesome tbh 

i think this is the best thing omf

@mygenderadventures, don’t know if this is content you’d put on your blog, but I think this is fantastic.

I don’t tend to post non-art stuff but thanks for the shout-out anyway!!! I’m sure this will be of interest to a few people here 🙂

This is such an exciting thing!!

Please don’t read the comments, some people are so embarrassingly uneducated and cruel. YNA supports our trans and nonbinary followers! ❤️❤️

Whoever came up with this idea is just awesome. They really take their costumers’ diets into account, like there’s so many options. Look at all this

And if they still don’t have a box to accommodate your needs, you can even order special items and ask for a box that doesn’t have anything you’re allergic to in it

Not to mention how amazing this is

I hope this service might help some of you guys